Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MLK, Biography Journal FREEBIE & Character Traits

I am so happy that tomorrow is already Wednesday :) I hope everyone had a wonderful three day weekend. I am very thankful for all the Martin Luther King did for our country! And so are our students. We started our study of MLK, which has been the beginning of our Biography Unit.
Last week we started off by doing one of THE hardest lessons of the year! It models segregation. And boy, does it model it well. We told our kids to go clean up their areas, put their heads down, and that the "good" kids would get a treat. Well, the "good" kids ended up being all of our girls and none of our boys. We then told the "good" kids {girls} to sit at the front of the carpet with their treats, and the "other" kids {boys} had to sit in the back. We read My Brother Martin.
It is written by MLK's sister, and is a wonderful book... As Amy was reading it, the kids slowly began to understand what was going on.... But OH. MY. GOODNESS. We had so many boys who looked SO sad :( And girls too! Usually when I do this lesson I get teary and it is hard to get through the lesson, but this year I. LOST. IT. Flat out bawled. I just kept looking at the faces of those little boys who were being treated unequally just because they were boys. There were a couple boys in particular who just broke my heart :( We stopped in the middle of the book {where it talks about Martin's neighbor friends not being allowed to play with him anymore because they were white and he was black}...That's when it really started to click with everyone... That we were SEGREGATING. We asked the boys how they felt. Of course they were sad, felt left out, disappointed... Surprisingly none said they were mad at us. I think they were just hurt. And our girls were sad too. Man, I could write on and on about this lesson.... But let's just say it was a VERY emotional afternoon! Our kids know that we would NEVER really treat them like that :) If you think your class can handle it, it is a very important lesson to teach. It's easy to just talk about segregation, but to actually BE segregated against... MAN!
Then we went on to do this little egg lesson again {photo from last year}. We used a brown egg and white egg to show how we are all the same on the inside :)
We made our MLK Dream Mobiles from Mrs. Prince {photo from last year}
And this fun little craftivity to go along with them. I never give the kids templates. I just give them the paper and let them get busy! I love to see how different our MLKs turn out :)
You can see our hand chain with the quote from Kofi Annan above our MLKs..."We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race."
We have read several biographies about MLK, and we did our first page of our Biography Journals.
Click the picture to download your free copy!
We will be reading more biographies in the next week or two and I am so excited! The kids will also interview staff members and write their own biographies!
I have found that this study is great intro to character traits! I made this anchor chart that we will use with each biography. We will put new sticky notes up after reading each biography :) The character traits below are about Ruby Bridges-we just HAD to read about her after our segregation lesson!!!
I am very excited for the next couple weeks! Hope everyone has a fun, fast week :)

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