Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy MLK Day!

Hey there, sweet friends! I know it has been a sweet minute since I have posted!! I miss blogging and TPTing, but my 17 month old keeps me very busy! I am trying super hard to balance everything, and boy, can it be tough! But here I am :)

I have enjoyed my day off, and felt that it'd be a great time to share how we celebrated the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. at school. I really love teaching about him, because he was a man of amazing character! We read several books about him. Here are a couple of our favorites:

We always start our study doing a tough lesson to demonstrate segregation. After we picked our class up from recess, we told them we were looking for the "good" kids and that we had a treat for them. The "good" kids ended up being all the girls and none of our boys. We told the "good" kids that they got to sit in the front on the carpet and that they could enjoy their treat (a few Skittles). Then we told the rest of the kids to go sit in the back. Then we read My Brother, Martin

As Amy read the book to the kids, they slowly started to understand what was going on. We stopped in the middle of the book when Martin's friends told him that they couldn't play with him anymore because they were white and he was black. That is when it really clicked, and they realized we were segregating our class. We had our boys tell us how they were feeling... They were sad, mad, and thought it was just unfair. Many of our girls said they felt bad for the boys, and they wanted to share their Skittles but thought they might get in trouble for sharing food. It was a great lesson that let our kids get a peek into how it must have felt to live during MLK's time. 

Then we used a white egg and brown egg to show our kids that we are all same on the inside. I was shocked by how many had never seen the inside of a brown egg before!

Throughout the week we read several books, and close-read biographies about him. It was also a great time to really focus on character traits. 

At the end of the week, we made our MLK craftivity. This is a no-template craftivity, and I always LOVE how different they turn out! We also added in some writing using Mrs. Prince's freebie, and just modified it a bit. They wrote about their dreams for the school, their community, and their world. It sure makes for a cute display :) 

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