Sunday, August 28, 2011

A View of My Classroom!

I know, I know. It's been FOR. EV. ER. since I last posted. I started working on my room August 1st, and went just about everyday (with the occasional day off to be poolside!) and by the time I would get home I just didn't have it in me to type a post! LAZY! Anyway, I put in a lot of hard work, and I must say that I love my new classroom! You wouldn't believe what a difference it is to be out of the basement and to have a window!!! And I love that my room has carpet! No more noisy chairs scraping on the tile everytime my kiddos move! :) It feels so much more cozy and home-y than my previous room.

I have absolutely loved seeing everyone's classrooms in the blog world, so I thought I would share mine! This post will be a classroom tour. ENJOY :)

These two photos are as you enter my room...

This is a close up of our "Words We Know" wall and our calendar/math meeting area (with lots of Everyday Math routines). Next to the clock are our Eight Expectations. (My window and teacher table/counter space are to the left). My Words We Know wall will be for high frequency words, but I will be focusing on word chunks this year (which is on a wall in the front of the room).

My reading corner with the canopy I purchased from Ikea for around $15!

This is my Bucket Filler area. The students place their bucket fillers in the orange basket for me to "deliver" This is actually so I can check them first :) My kids are already SO into this! We read How Full is Your Bucket? and discussed it. We made a chart of Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers. We hung up the Bucket Fillers chart and trashed the Bucket Dippers! We then did a reader's response and they were coming up with the sweetest ways they could be bucket fillers! Then they all filled someone's bucket. I wrote everyone's name on a slip beforehand and randomly handed them out so that everyone's bucket was filled this first time. I am so excited to be implementing bucket filling this year!

The next two photos show my book basket areas. These are the chapter books...

 ...and the blue and green baskets are the picture books. The bulletin board above those book baskets have our school creed, school song, character trait of the month, word of the week, and quote of the week. We say these every morning to help us start our day.

This is my Tree-riffic Words tree! Each week we will add our Word of the Week on a leaf and hang it on the tree. By the end of the year, our tree will be blooming with Tree-riffic words! :)

Next is the door to my closet. It will be my Celebrity of the Week area! There is a sheet protector in the middle for the Celebrity's poster to hang all week long! I made a bag over the summer for the Celebrity to take home and bring all the things they will need to share during the week! The library pockets on the bottom of my door are for my students' library sticks and their Everyday Math login cards. The library sticks are the large popsicle sticks where I will write their reading range to help guide them when they visit the library.

This year I am starting Daily 5 (well, more of a Daily 3)! I am so excited about it! This is my word work area. Students will have the choice to use magnets, stamps, pipecleaners (same idea as Wikki Sticks, only way cheaper!), letter tiles and dry erase boards. They may also do rainbow spelling with crayons or stair spelling. I may add more choices as I find other materials or other ideas I like :)

And those are the only pictures of my room that I have at this point! I hope everyone has had a great school year so far!


  1. Your room is so beautiful and calming. Your children are lucky to have such a wonderful learning environment!
    Sophia @

  2. I love your color scheme. Where did you get your owls and owl border? I loved your blue and green baskets where are those from?

    1. Other owl stuff came from Mardel (you can order online,too!) the baskets came from dollar tree.

  3. Where did you get your book baskets?

    1. I got them al from the dollar tree!

  4. Love your classroom! How did you attach your Ikea leaf to the wall?

  5. I would also love to know how you hung the ikea leaf to the wall. I have one, but have not put it up because I cannot put holes in the wall :( Thanks!

  6. How were you able to get your leaf to hang? We've tried everything but it won't stay up on my cement wall!