Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's play catch up.. and have a GIVEAWAY :)

I have been a horrible blogger this summer! I am not going to lie, I have not done too much school related all summer long!! This is really the first year in my 7 year teaching career that I have just enjoyed SUMMER! We have been so busy getting ready for Mia! We installed our car seat yesterday because she will be here in about 3 weeks!!! AHH! I am so excited, nervous, anxious, scared... I just can't wait to finally meet her :) I am due the day before school starts so depending on when she decides to come, I may or may not go to back to school stuff. I am just so very thankful that I team teaching. I think I would be a nervous wreck not starting the year with my class, but I trust Amy 100% and know the kids will be in great hands! And we finally have a sub set in place! It is one of our old 2nd grade assistants! So she knows how Amy and I roll, and Amy is super comfortable with her :) PTL! 

So, we did our maternity shoot recently! My best friend did our photos and I am in LOVE with them! Here are just a few of the photos :)

We threw my mom a surprise 50th birthday party last weekend! She was SO surprised! We did it a couple weeks earlier than her birthday because my sister in law was in town, and we wanted to throw her off. And thank god we did it early, because there was no way I was going to be able to keep it from her much longer! I made these little scrapbook centerpieces and thought they turned out pretty cute! I think they'd be cute to use in the classroom for something :) I used this tutorial to make these. They are a bit time consuming, but turn out super cute :) 

Here was her fabulous cake! It turned out so cute and was oh, so yummy! Here was our original Pinspiration for this cake!

I have been trying to work on a couple things for our class, and for TpT before baby Mia comes. One of you will win your choice of these two new items! 

First up is a pack of 7 I Have...Who Has? games for 2nd grade math skills! Our kids love playing these games, but we only had a couple, so I wanted to make some more! What I love is that they are great time fillers! They're perfect when you have an extra 5 minutes to kill, but are wanting to do something meaningful. They also promote teamwork! This pack includes 7 games for these skills: fractions, place value, telling time, money, 2d/3d shapes, basic +/- facts, and +/-10 and +/-100. Click on the first picture or HERE to see it in my TpT store! These games were based off of 2nd grade common core skills, but would be great enrichment for 1st graders, or review/remediation for 3rd graders.

The second product I have posted recently is a back to school craftivity! It is similar to my Research in a Flash, but is a sort of getting to know you booklet for those first few days back! I think your kiddos will love it! There are templates that allow younger kids to draw, and templates for the bigger kids to draw and write. For little learners, it would be helpful to have the cameras already made :) Click HERE or on the first picture to check it out in my TpT store!

I want to give someone their choice of one of these packs! Just leave a comment with your email, and your choice and I will pick a winner this week! Feel free to pin these or share this giveaway with your friends! 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday {with a New Research Craftivity!}

Happy Friday! I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday {two weeks in a row, whaaaat?!} Hope you'll join in on the fun and link up, too!

Mr. Hubs is very into the World Cup, and has gotten me into it, too! Although, I am definitely not as die hard as he is about it :) We went to a really fun watch party in downtown OKC! USA! USA! We are a little sad that Italy is out, though!

I am so excited about my newest product! Research is such an important skill for little learners, but sometimes it can be BORING. This camera craftivity will engage your kiddos, for sure! And I just think it is so darn cute :) I have included 38 premade templates for the following topics: planets, animals, biographies, states, and weather. There are also blank templates for you to write your own specific questions, or to let you kiddos choose what they'd like to research. Click HERE or on the first picture to see a more detailed description and to pick up a copy!

My parents just got back from Hawaii. Mr. Hubs, my brother, sister in law, and I were supposed to go on this trip for my mom's 50th birthday, but we went and got pregnant :) And my brother has a 6 week long training for the Air Force that he's teaching. Next time! Anyway, my parents brought me some of my favorite Hawaiian snacks... Which I don't think will last long if my appetite continues on the way it's been the past day or two! I have been STARVING no matter how much I eat!!

We have still been prepping for Mia. I finally got my hospital bag checklist done, now it's time to pack! It blows my mind that she will be here in less than 7 weeks! I really don't know how early one should pack, but I guess better earlier than too late :) Mia's nursery is almost done, so I will be posting pictures as soon as it is complete!

I don't have a number five, so I wish you all a fun weekend! 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I used the very scientific method of closing my eyes and scrolling up and down the page to pick my winner of my last giveaway. Congrats, Amanda! Be sure to check your email for a copy of my Telling Time Puzzles!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday + a GIVEAWAY :)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday {which I haven't done in FOREVER}! Be sure to link up and join in on the fun!

I have been spending a lot of time poolside lately, which is one of my favorite parts of summer! I love just floating around, reading some magazines and indulging in some yummy mocktails {this virgin mojito was amazing!}

I cannot wait to get Mia's nursery completely done! Here is a peek at just a few of the items we have... They are not in their permanent places yet. We need to buy a few more things for shelves and walls, so my goal is to have that done either this weekend or next weekend. And yes, she has her very own pink record player. I got it for her daddy for Father's Day {he loves buying and listening to records}. He already got a record for her, Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack :) Also, is that giraffe not the cutest?! A local artist, Kelsey Davis, makes these adorable plush taxidermy wall mounts! Check out her Etsy shop!

Like just about everyone else, I finally finished The Fault in Our Stars. Such a good book! And it's a really fast read. Now I want to see the movie! 

I posted some new classroom labels, and you have a chance to win them! This Busy Bee themed pack comes with word wall letters, student numbers, table and group numbers, days and months, supply labels, and a classroom banner! Click here or on the first picture to check it out! 

I had some requests for some more math puzzles {similar to my Common Core Number Puzzles}, so I just posted these Telling Time Puzzles! They let students practice time to the quarter hour, and can be used in many ways... for math centers, in math tubs, in small group, whole group, for RTI or enrichment. I think you could even shrink them down and use them in interactive math journals! Click here or on the first picture to check them out {you also have a chance to win this pack!}

I will randomly choose one person to receive their choice of either one of these items! Just leave a comment with your choice, along with your email, and I will select someone randomly in the next couple of days! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Updated FREEBIE and New Alexander Literacy Unit

Today was my first day at the pool and it was wonderful! It officially feels like summer vacation now! :) I can't wait to spend many a day in the water!

So, I updated my Teacher Binder Freebie for the 2014-2015 school year. Thank goodness someone left me a comment in my little store about it, otherwise I don't know if it would've crossed my mind to edit it for this school year! You can snag your copy by clicking HERE or on the picture below! The color combos are pink, teal, and gray.
At the end of the year, we like to read a lot of the "classic" children's books and do a couple activities with each. We got class sets for Where the Wild Things Are,  Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,  and several others through I decided to make a mini unit to go along with Alexander.... before the year was up, but as I am sure we have all noticed, I have not been the best about blogging lately, so I never posted about it. Better late than never! 
I think I love this book because we can ALL relate to Alexander. It amazes me that this is the first time that many of our kiddos have read the book! But they all end up loving it. In this mini literacy unit, your kiddos will work on cause and effect, making predictions, character traits, sequencing, fact and opinion, ABC order, compound words, compare and contrast, etc. Here's a peek at what you'll get!

Click HERE or on the picture below to check this pack out in my TpT store!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Currently!

I cannot believe it is already June!! The end of the school year went by so quickly. I swear, I blinked and it was over! Our last day was May 23, and I feel like I have just be on the go, go, go up until yesterday.

Mr. Hubs and I spent Memorial Day weekend down in Dallas. We got the rest of Mia's furniture from Ikea, bought her some things from H&M {as if she needs more clothes or accessories!}, and ate a lot of good food!

Last week was the week of appointments... prenatal, glucose test, dentist... But the most exciting one was our 3d ultrasound! We got to see our sweet Mia's face! Look at that smile! I just can't wait to meet her :)
Saturday I had the most fabulous baby shower! My friends and sister in law went all out, and everything was so cute {I didn't take pictures, as my BFF is a photographer-waiting for a disc from her!}! We had a waffle bar and mimosa bar. Don't worry, I had a virgin mimosa...aka, orange juice :) So many people showed up and Mia was spoiled like crazy! The girl won't need anything for awhile!


I feel like yesterday was the first day I've really gotten to just relax. Anyway, I am linking up real quick with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade for June Currently!

I think everything is pretty self-explanatory :) What are YOU up to??

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Catch Up Time! Plus a NEW Gooney Bird Greene Unit!

SIX. That is how many more school days we have until summer! This year went by crazy fast when I really sit down and think about it.  We've been trying to make the end of the year as fun and memorable as we can, and I just wanted to show you a few things we've been up to since I last posted. This post is going to be kind of random, based on photos I have on my phone :)

We learned all about weather, clouds, and the water cycle! You can click here or here for more detailed posts from the past :)

We used shaving cream and food coloring in a vase of water to demonstrate what happens when the clouds get heavy and precipitation happens.

The kiddos wrote and illustrated the steps of the water cycle. 


We read some books, including The Cloud Book, to learn about different kinds of clouds. Then the kids made their own little cloud people and wrote about the characteristics of each cloud.
Our students, their families, and our PTA spoiled us during Teacher Appreciation Week! We definitely felt the love with all the sweet cards, flowers, gift cards, gifts, colored copy paper {11 packs!!!} and TONS of snacks!!

We are currently learning alllll about animals, and the kids are super interested! We have so many awesome nonfiction books that we are reading to them and they are loving them! We've learned about different habitats, so the kids made a little foldable/flip book thingie to compare four of the land habitats {woodland forest, rainforest, desert, and arctic habitats}.
We've also started our final countdown! We got started late, so our countdown started this past Tuesday. Each day we pop a balloon and there is a special activity or treat for the class. The first day was to chew bubblegum {which we can't do normally!} Yesterday was sit by anyone at lunch, and today was sidewalk chalk day!
We are using this as an incentive for behavior and getting work done. We all know that the end of the school year can be hard, and we had to do something to save our sanity :) If they get a negative on Class Dojo or have any incomplete work, they cannot participate in that day's activities. And let me tell you, it has helped tremendously!!! We are thinking we should've started our countdown earlier, haha. But the kids don't want to miss out, so they are really trying.
Do you have my Amber Brown is Not a Crayon Novel Study? Well, I made a Gooney Bird Greene Novel Unit that goes along perfectly with it! There are a lot of the same skills in both units, so it makes it perfect to have both books going on at the same time during your literature circles. It would also be super easy to implement the activities if you are doing it as your chapter book read aloud. You can check out this novel unit by clicking the picture below!
Click on the pictures below for a preview of some of the pages in this 39 page unit. Some of the skills that it hits are comprehension, cause/effect, visualizing, character traits, problem/solution fact/opinion, nouns/verbs/adjectives, common/proper nouns, and lots more!

Have a wonderful Friday, and hopefully summer isn't too far away for you!!