Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Baby Lynes is a..... !!!!!

GIRL! We are having a sweet baby girl and we are so excited! We found out a week ago, although, she didn't want to show herself at first! 45 minutes and an orange Fanta later {bleh!} we finally got her to move those little legs :) After our appointment, we bought her first onsie and went to dinner with our families to share the big news. We had to eat the cupcakes before dinner because everyone was DYING to know. Plus, I knew I would accidentally say "she" at some point! I am 20 weeks along as of today... I cannot believe we are halfway there! Eeep!

Little Miss Princess is already spoiled. My mom, mother in law, sister in law, and I went shopping the next day. It was SO hard to not buy EVERYTHING. Girls are so much fun! :)

Amy had her observation today, so we thought it would be super fun to do a gender reveal at school! It has been KILLING me to not tell my kiddos, espcecially with all the teachers knowing! First we had the kids graph whether they thought Baby Lynes was a boy or girl.
We've been working on inferencing, so next we gave them clues so they could infer if Baby Lynes was a boy or girl. We gave them a clue, they used their schema, and they discussed with their table what they all thought. They filled out a record sheet as they got each new clue, and at the end they had to infer if it was a boy or girl, and write how they got to that inference! They were real excited!


Happy Hump Day, friends :) 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winner and NEW Spring/Easter Literacy Centers!

So what is your opinion on Daylight Savings? I like that it is lighter later, however, I hate that I lose an hour of my weekend :) It's going to be hard waking up tomorrow, and I am sure our kiddos will be extra tired!

I am on here real quick to announce my winner from my last post! Jamie, I hope Easter Bunny for Hire will help with your Easter party! I have emailed you a copy!

I also wanted to show you my new pack of literacy centers that would go great with my Spring Has Sprung pack! Check out Spring Fling! There are 9 literacy centers included, and they are spring and Easter themed. There are a couple that have spring and Easter versions. Click {HERE} to check it out, or on the first picture!

Hope everyone has a fabulous week! I imagine it is almost spring break for many of you {like me!}

Monday, March 3, 2014

Spring & Easter Packs... GIVEAWAY TIME!!

I am sitting here at home, enjoying a snow day! It's amazing how much I can get done with an extra day at home by myself! My house is nice and clean, and I finally got some TpT work done! If only we had an extra day every week :)

I first wanted to show you what I fiiiiiinally finished today! This baby had been sitting in my documents, unfinished, FOREVER. I would work on it here and there but couldn't really get into it. I think the exhaustion from the first trimester might be to blame. BUT it is finally up and posted!
If you have purchased any of the my other seasonal/holiday themed packs, then this will be right up your alley! There are over 90 pages of printables and activities included. Click on the pictures below for a peek. My plan is to make a separate pack of spring and Easter centers. That's the plan, anyway :)

Now for a little giveaway! I am going to pick a random winner to choose one of the packs below. They are perfect for March and/or April! Click on each picture to get a description of each product on TpT. **YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS AND YOUR CHOICE OF PACKS!**
I will choose a winner next time I get on here! Good luck!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

3 Million Teachers Strong!

I am popping in real quick to let you know that everything in my store will be up to 28% off February 27 & 28 for TpT's 3 Million Teachers Strong Sale!! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sun and Moon... Plus BIG New :) :) :)

Let's get to the BIG news first! I promised I had a really good reason for my lack of blogging...

Mr. Hubs and I are having a baby :) I just turned 15 weeks today, and we are so excited! We will find out if it's a boy or a girl over spring break! We could definitely use any prayers we can get, as we have had a bit of a rocky road in the past.
Okay, so I do have something school related to post! We started our space unit and the kids are having a blast! We learned all about the sun and the moon, made some anchor charts together, and then we had our kiddos do some informational writing about each. And OMG! They rocked their writing!


To make these awesome moons, each child needs a paper plate and a straw. You need to mix a little water, black paint, karo syrup and dish soap in a dish. Have the kids blow BIG bubbles with the straw, and push the plate on it. If you find that the bubbles aren't showing up too well, add some more black paint. You also may need to press the plate on top of the bubbles more than once. Here are photos of the process. {Just don't use a small, square dish, haha}.
And you can't learn all about the moon without doing Oreo Moon Phases!! We just did half of the phases to save our parents from having to buy a gazillion Oreos! Also, we normally have our kids cut and paste labels for the phases, but we ran really short on time that day... Whoops! Live and learn :)
I have no idea why that picture keeps loading sideways... Of course the kids thought this was the best day EVER! We tend to hear that when we do yummy activities :)
This week has been all about the planets! We got some awesome sets of books about the planets from our PTA and Scholastic that we have been reading, along with my All About the Planets {Nonfiction Reader and Journal}. The kids are really enjoying space, and I feel like we could spend FOREVER learning about it! But, we must move on next week :) Happy Hump Day, everyone! We are almost done for the week!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Penguin Ideas from the Past!

You all. I feel like I have neglected this blog lately and have been horrible about documenting and posting. It is all for a very good reason though!!! I promise :) I will post about it soon!!

I guess our snow unit worked some magic because we got ourselves two snow days last week! PTL! :) It messed up our penguin unit just a bit, so we didn't get to everything we had planned, but the kids really seemed to enjoy learning about penguins!

I thought since I have really slacked on photographing, that I would post ideas from previous years! We did many of these ideas this year. We also used my Penguin Unit!

Throughout the week, we read LOTS of nonfiction books about penguins and the kids were soooo into it! Here are my favorite nonfiction books to read to them...
We worked on fact and opinion a lot and made these anchor charts. Then the kids did some fact and opinion writing {along with a quick little craftivity!}.
{Photo circa 2011 :)}

Throughout the week, we focused on the following penguin vocab: rookery, brood pouch, creche, tobogganing, waddling, molting, porpoising, krill, and regurgitate. We had the kids infer what they thought regurgitate means. We gave them this sentence first: "Penguins regurgitate." They had to write what they thought it meant on a notecard. They were quick to tell us that it was hard to infer the meaning without clues :) Then we read their responses. Next, we gave them this sentence: "Penguins regurgitate their food." They were able to make better inferences. Then we found the meaning in one of our books! Needless to say, they were grossed out :) We made these vocabulary penguins to show our learning!

{Photos circa 2011 :)}
We ended our week making our Penguin Fact Books {from my Penguin Packet}. They each had to write at least 5 facts that they learned. 

One actvity Amy and I did add was penguin measurement. We got ALL 47 of our kiddos together and split them into groups of three. Each group was assigned a penguin to make (we made all 17 species)! We gave them the penguin's height, and they had to work with their group to measure and make the penguin! They were SO CUTE! And the kids really worked well together!

And the most popular, the Emperor Penguin :)
Then in the afternoone, we taped the penguins around our classrooms, and the kids got to visit each penguin to measure it in inches and centimeters. They did AWESOME! They were all so engaged the entire time!

They recorded their data on this record sheet.

When we were all finished, we put all the penguins in order according to their heights.

I know I didn't work real hard on this post, but it is better than nothing, right?? :) Have a woderful week!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

We're Having SNOW Much Fun in 2nd Grade!

I am hoping that all of our snowy fun the past two weeks is going to bring us a couple of snow days here in Oklahoma.. :) If not that, please let it at least be warm enough for outside recess. We are all sick of this eternal indoor recess!!

These past two weeks we used a lot of ideas from my Snow Much Fun! pack and we did have "SNOW" much fun!

We worked on synonyms {or, as Common Core calls it, "shades of meaning"} using paint chips! Students worked in pairs to come up with synonyms for a word given to them. We discussed how the colors on the paint chip were similar but not exactly the same, just like synonyms!

We worked on symmetry and made Symmetrical Snowflakes {idea courtesy of Cara}. The kids really loved seeing close up pictures of actual snowflakes on the smartboard!

We read Dream Snow by Eric Carle, and then had our kids hide an item under some snow. They had to use very descriptive writing to try and get their group to guess what was hidden under the snow! They really surprised us with their creativity and their awesome writing! There is a fancier printable version of this activity in my Snow Much Fun! pack :)

We made our cute Snowman Glyph Craftivities!

We read The Biggest, Best Snowman by Margery Cuyler and had the students make these cute little booklets to write about the characters, setting, beginning, middle and end.

We also sequenced the story as a whole group before the students did it independently.
Last but not least, we learned about states of matter by demonstrating the life cycle of a snowman.  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest, through Louise and The Frugal Teacher. We tweaked the idea a bit so that we could do the lesson in about 45 minutes. You'll need an electric skillet and a snowman :) We got ice from Sonic and it worked perfectly! The kids are able to see the solid, liquid and gas.

After we discussed what was happening, the kids filled out this record sheet {click HERE for this freebie!}

Photo from last year.
Next week we are going to start our unit on penguins, one of my faves!!! I am still hoping for a day or two off, though :) :) And we will also need to throw in a little 100th Day Fun {if we are in school all week!}

Happy weekend :) And happy February!