Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School Night!

The first day of school was August 20th, and our Open House {aka Back to School Night} was on the 18th! Amy and I got to meet all 48 of our kiddos, and they are a really sweet bunch!! Our school theme this year is "We are the Wave of the Future!" Here is the outside of our classroom. We used scrapbook paper to make little surfboards with our kids' names on them!

At Open House, kids get to meet their teachers, drop off supplies, and the parents fill out some paperwork! The night goes by super fast, and it really feels like a blur! We give each family a checklist of what needs to be done at Open House {where each form should be turned in, which supplies to label, which supplies to keep at their table, which ones to sort in tubs, etc.} Our parents seem to appreciate the checklist, and it ensures that everything gets done! One of the BIGGEST things we worry about is making sure kids get home the correct way on the first day! So we have our parents write it down in a few places :)

These forms are ones I have had for a few years, so I am not quite sure where they come from! The pink "Helping Hands" comes from this pack.

We have two classrooms, so while parents are filling out paperwork, students go next door to sort their community supplies into baskets! It is SO easy to just store the baskets and replenish supplies as needed! The four green baskets also turn into stools for the students to sit on. Killing two birds with one stone :)

I forgot how tiring back to school can be, since I was on maternity leave last year {that was a whole other kinda tired!!} We've put in some long hours, but I can tell it's going to be a great year with this sweet group! :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Do ya want some MORE?!

That's right, TpT is throwing one MORE little back to school sale so you can get some MORE goodies for your classroom!

On August 19th, everything in my store will be up to 28% off using promo code MORE15 at checkout! Click HERE to shop!

I have had several requests to offer my iPad Craftivity from my Back to School MEGA Pack on its own, so it has been uploaded!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do you wanna win an iPad?!

I totally just sang my blog title to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Hehe. I can't believe it is already August! Where did summer go? With summer coming to an end, that means that TpT's Back to School Sale is just around the corner!! I can't wait to stock up on some clip art and other goodies from some of my favorites!

All items in my store will be up to 28% off on August 3rd and 4th with code BTS15. I have several new back to school materials that you may be interested in! Click on each picture to check them out!

And a couple of oldies, but goodies :)

Okay, so onto the REAL reason you are probably here :) My iTeach Second bloggy buddies, along with the other iTeach bloggers are having a HUGE giveaway! How would you like to win an iPad 2 Air and some goodies to go along with it? 

Head on over to iTeach Second right now and enter through Rafflecopter. The winner will be announced on August 9th! Click on the image below to enter!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Target Deals!

Hi friends! Wow, it's been a sweet minute since I blogged! I am fully enjoying my summer {and a tad depressed that the 4th of July is almost here-that's when summer really seems to go by fast!} I have been spending lots of time with my sweet Mia Nicole. Thank goodness the girl loves the pool just as much as her mommy!

Before I share my Target finds... look who Mr. Hubs met at Warped Tour!! Jealous!!! He got my class one of their books, and the guys signed and made it out to Mrs. Lynes' Class! So that was a nice surprise :)

Okay, so I went to Target because everyone had been posting about their Dollar Spot finds! I didn't get a TON but I am restocked in the birthday pencil, name tag, and sticker department!

We usually give a pencil to our birthday boys/girls, and I think they will be more excited for these cool pencils! I know I used to love them back in the day! The only thing I couldn't find that I needed was birthday stickers! Hopefully another Target will have some :)

Alright, this is about as long as this post is going to be, as I've got a squirmy 10 month old crawling all over me! Off to the pool we go! 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Class Awards!

You all. I have half a day {with kids} left! Four hours left of the 2014-2015 school year! I absolutely cannot wait to spend summer with my sweet Mia Nicole!

This week we worked on our memory books, and the kids did a great job! We also had our 2nd grade autograph session, which is always a favorite activity! You can pick up this memory book {HERE}.

Today we did our classroom awards and it was a big hit! We rolled out the "red carpet" {errr, butcher paper} and everything! The kids felt so special and were genuinely happy for one another. Our class is really a family and they take care of each other. You can pick up a copy of these awards {HERE}. They are black lines to save on  ink and they look great on brightly colored paper!

Even though I missed the first three months of school while I was on maternity leave, I cannot believe how quickly the year went by! I will miss our sweet kiddos, but am so looking forward to spending time with baby girl! I hope you all have an amazing end of your year! Hang in there-you are almost done!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week, a FREEBIE & a GIVEAWAY!

Hi there, friends! This post is going to be a bit random, but bear with me because I have a freebie and a giveaway for you :)

Amy and I had an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week, and I hope you did, too! Our families, principals, and PTA spoiled us rotten! I had to tell myself that this was probably not the week to be worrying about getting myself swimsuit ready, haha :)

Yesterday we made our Mother's Day gifts! We read The Important Book, and the kids wrote the important thing about their moms following the format of the book. They did a great job! {We modified our writing paper a bit from my Mother's Day Gift Pack}

We have started our balloon pop countdown in our class, and it is really helping with behavior! Each day we pop a balloon and there is a different activity or treat. Our kids don't want to miss out!

I have a FREEBIE for you to download with a bunch of free or cheap ideas to do with your kiddos! Just choose how many days you want to do your countdown, choose the activities/treats you want to use, and put them in the balloons! Click on the picture below to pick up a copy!

Now time for a little giveaway! I have uploaded three new packs to my little store recently, and I want to give one away! Just leave a comment with your email address, and which pack you would like! Click on the pictures below to take a peek at each.  This giveaway has ended! Congrats, Brenda! And thanks to all who entered!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Landform Fun!

Happy Wednesday! There are still a few hours left of the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale! Click HERE to check out some products in my store! You can get them 28% off with code THANKYOU!

We started learning about landforms last week and the kids seemed to enjoy it! After we discussed each landform, we made these cute little craftivities! The original idea was from Mrs. Nicolau, and we just modified it a bit! She has a great freebie that you can use!

Today, for our first balloon pop activity, we did our Edible Landforms Project! As always, it was a big hit! We tweaked it a little bit this year because we did not have parents send the items-we had lots of leftovers from other activities, so we were trying to use up the food we had! We did not use tortillas this year; we just had the kids trace the United States on the plate and put icing right on the plate. It worked perfectly! We also used the off brand Fruit Loops instead of M&Ms. It saved us quite a bit of money :) The kids did an awesome job! Here's a sample!

You can pick up this activity by clicking below! It is only $1 in my TPT store! It includes all the templates, map keys, parent note, teacher directions...everything you would need!

I hope you're surviving the end of the year! We are in the home stretch, friends!