Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Fun + New Literacy Centers

Happy November, friends! I feel like I blinked and October was gone! Today was the first day that it felt even a tiny bit like fall. It has been So. Dang. HOT. Hopefully those cooler temps will stay. I am ready for my boots and cardigans!

I had some requests for some Thanksgiving literacy centers, so here they are! Click on the picture to pick up a copy! Hopefully they will help you get through the next two weeks or so :)

We are having a ton of fun in art! There are certain things I miss about being in the regular classroom, but I honestly have no plans of going back. This is where I was meant to be! 

Something I know I am going to start missing are the holiday activities I used to do with my 2nd graders. But it helps knowing there are other kiddos out there doing some of the things I used to do! Here are some photos from past years of some of our Thanksgiving fun.This is just going to be a big old photo dump with very short descriptions :) Enjoy!

Thankful turkeys. 

How to Cook a Turkey. 

Story Map and Booklet for A Turkey for Thanksgiving

Edible Teepees. 

Totem Poles. 

The Coyote and the Butterfly plural nouns craftivity. 


Mayflower Suitcases. 

Check out these two packs from my TPT to get you through the next couple of weeks before Thanksgiving! Click on each picture to check them out. 

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