Sunday, February 5, 2012

100th Day Fun!

I am going to try and make this a quick post because I want to head to Target and look at the new Jason Wu for Target collection! The hubby has a work party coming up and I want this dress!

Anyway! We celebrated our 100th Day this past week and the kids LOVED IT. I think their favorite part was the butcher paper I hung up on the door that they got to walk through! I soooo wish I had gotten a picture of them coming into the classroom because the excitement on their faces was PRICELESS! Who knew butcher paper was SO. COOL?!?
We started the day making our 100th Day crowns.
Usually I have the kids bring a bag of 100 items to use for a sorting and skip counting activity, but this year my friend Amy and I just decided to make the bags for them, and they had to sort the items into groups of 2, 5, 10, and 20 with a partner. They loved this!!

We worked on probability by rolling a dice 100 times and tallying which numbers we rolled. It was very helpful to give them a 100 chart to mark off each roll.
"Roll, Tally, X" was our routine :)

We thought of 100 ways to make 100! First they worked in their groups for a little while, then we came back as a class to record them! Took awhile, but it helped to do some before lunch and some after.
(Do you notice the equation with Pi in it?I have a group of boys who found out it's a number and are OBSESSED with it! So cool!)
And lastly we made ourselves at the age 100. We tore up construction paper to look like wrinkes and used cotton balls for our hair. They are soooo cute!

All in all, it was a GREAT day! Sometimes they just need a day of FUN, so I can't wait til our Valentine's day activities :)

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