Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Butterflies and Fractions

Is it really only Tuesday?? I am trying my very best to keep my kiddos' attention these last few weeks, but it's been a bit of a challenge. They are tired of being tested. I am tired of testing. Many of them are just D-O-N-E. And can't say that I'm not daydreaming about being poolside... :)

I am trying to squeeze in as much as possible these next couple of weeks, and I am sad to say that I had to shorten my Eric Carle unit to almost nothing! Instead of the big unit I usually do, we are using his books to learn about the moral of a story. Each day for a mini lesson, I am reading one of his books to my kids and we are discussing its moral. They are loving it so far! We are recording our morals in our little "poof" books. Here are some samples from last year...
Yesterday was an unofficial"Butterfly Day." We tied in fiction and nonfiction books, which the kids LOVED. Here are the books we read...

 To illustrate the life cycle of a butterfly, we used pasta!

We will continue with our moral journals this week using Eric Carle books.

Today we started reading

Alexander hopes that his friend drops his double decker ice cream cone in Australia, so to make him have a better day we made him Fraction Sundaes!

You will be able to find a template for our Fracion Sundaes in my Fun with Fractions Pack that I am finishing.

I will be posting it to my little store soon :)

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