Thursday, June 7, 2012

Looking Forward...

Yesterday I posted what I am loving about summer! Today I wanted to post a few things I am really looking forward to this summer!!!

Going back to Colorado Springs {my old home. Gah, I miss that place!} with my mom and BFF....
...and staying with Mrs. Wiggy {in black shirt}! Lots of hot tubbing, shopping, and good ol' fashioned girl time!
Evenings at the rooftop of our art museum!
Getting a beach house with all my Italian family back in the northeast!...
....and eating REAL cannolis and pastries and bread and lunch meat and meatballs..... {and gaining about 10 pounds!}
Going to Boston with Mr. Hubby!
Celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary with Mr. Hubby {and hopefully going to Red Prime for dinner again-one of our faves!!!}

Okay, enough for now I suppose :) What are YOU looking forward to this summer??

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  1. I visited Colorado Springs last summer! LOVED it. Such a beautiful area, and the mountains are so different than anything near me in Indiana.

    I'm looking forward to some time off, lots of reading, and hopefully a trip back to Colorado myself to celebrate my first anniversary with my husband! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad