Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Graph FREEBIE!

Hey all! Amy and I were kind of getting an overview of next few weeks, and we realized it's almost time for Apple Week in honor of Johnny Appleseed! I am working on re-vamping some of my apple stuff, and I wanted to share a FREEBIE with you all!
I always like to make an apple graph with my kiddos. I send a note home asking parents to send an apple to school with their child. Then we graph the apples we brought! Click on the picture below to pick up your FREE graphs and parent note!
{Please be sure to follow my store and leave feedback if you download!}
I also have my kids measure their apples in standard and nonstandard units. They wrap yarn around the apple and measure the yarn. You could also have them weigh the apples. Then I like to make applesauce for a yummy treat :)
Pssssst.....don't forget your apple themed math journal prompts! Pick them up HERE :)

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