Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day & GIVEAWAY!

Hi friends! I have been pretty lazy lately about updating this ol' blog with photos of what we've been up to!! I apologize! And honestly, I will not be doing much better today :) But stay tuned because at the end I have a giveaway for some of my new Christmas items! :)
We have been working on patriotic symbols the past week or so, and today we focused on Veterans Day.
Bulletin board idea from Cara Carroll!
We had a really nice assembly in our gym this morning to honor the Veterans in our school community. We discussed the character traits of Veterans and why they are so important to our country. The kids got really into our discussion. Then we had our kids write letters to our military... Have you heard of the website It is awesome! Anyone is able to write letters of thanks to our military and they will make sure the letters find their way to someone currently serving! How cool is that? Our kids were very excited to write their words of thanks and appreciation. And the kids are even more excited because the website says that most military will write back to you! So we included our school address on their pictures.

 BTW, these two girls sit nowhere near each other,
so it's interesting that they drew almost the same picture!

Tomorrow we are beginning our Turkey/Thanksgiving unit and I am sooooo excited! We will start by reading A Turkey for Thanksgiving and doing lots of fun turkey related writing and craftivities!

Now, onto the giveaway!!!

I have THREE new Christmas themed packets on TpT right now.... Would you like to win ALL THREE?!?

Here's what to do...
1. Blog about this giveaway, linking back to this blog post.
2. Follow my TpT store.
3. Leave a comment guessing my favorite Thanksgiving food! {Don't forget to leave your email address!}

The first person who can correctly guess my favorite Thanksgiving food will receive all three packets! I will be back in a couple days to announce the winner! Happy Holidays :)



  1. I follow your TPT store! I don't have a blog, but I'll just guess that your favorite food is the stuffing in the turkey!

  2. What happened to your Grinchy Fun Packet... I can't find it :(

  3. I don't have a blog... but... I suppose guessing won't hurt. I was going to guess stuffing, but since that has been guessed I will say sweet potato casserole (with the marshmallows and such). :)