Monday, December 3, 2012

Our elves are back! Elf journal FREEBIE!

This is going to be real quick because it is a GORGEOUS day, and I need to take the pups out on a walk :) Today we got a package all the way from the North Pole! The box was coooold :) Inside were our friends from last year, Jingle and Jangle! They are going to be watching our class and reporting back to Santa each night! Here is a picture of Jingle... Or Jangle... we can't tell them apart. They are twins!
Last year they had a lot of fun in our classrooms, so I made a journal for our kiddos to do each morning! I wanted it to be quick and simple, but wanted my kids to remember what our elves do each day! The kids are so excited to have them in our class. Hopefully they will help with behavior these next three weeks :)
Click {HERE} to pick up your copy of the journal for free!