Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our 100th Day in Photos! {And Giveaway Winner}

Congrats to Patty! I just emailed you a copy of my Constructing Contractions pack! Let me know what you think :)
I cannot believe that we celebrated the 100th day yesterday! This year has gone by soooo fast!! The kids had a lot of fun doing several activities from my 100th Day Fun pack! Take a look....
The kids were so excited to see this welcome them...
Our morning work was Making Words with "One Hundred." They thought of a lot more words than I could!!

They got to play the dice game "Race to 100," which was a BIG hit!
We then moved onto probability with 100 dice rolls...

We worked on oour +10/-10 facts with our 100th Day Hidden Picture page...
We made name patterns on a blank 100 chart, which turned out really cool! They started noticing really cool patterns immediately!


We ended our day making ourselves when we are 100! We used some of the templates in my 100th Day Fun packet, but we didn't get around to taking the kids' pictures, so we did these fun wrinkly old people instead :) They just colored paper their skin tone, then tore it into tiny pieces! And of course they had to write about themselves at 100! We did their graphic organizer first {included in the packet}, edited, then wrote our final drafts. So cute :)

{Don't you just love the wheelchair? So cute!!}

The kids had a great day! Hope your 100th day was/is just as fun!!


  1. LOVING your littles at 100 (especially the wheelchair :))!! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!

    Little Miss Primary