Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paint Chip Synonym Snowflakes!

Today we worked on synonyms! We read this adorable book to introduce the concept:
Then we brainstormed lots of synonyms and made an anchor chart to record our learning. We discussed how synonyms are the same/similar. We also discussed how they are different shades of meaning. We demonstrated this with a paint chip. The colors are not exactly the same, but they are similar!
After a great discussion, we gave each child a card with a word on it. They had to find a friend with a synonym to their word. This person was their partner. They got a paint chip from us and had to write their two words on the paint chip. Then come up with three more synonyms on their own. They did a great job!
The kids had a lot of fun and I think it will really stick with them :) We did the writing for our snowman glyphs today, and tomorrow we will make our craftivity! I can't wait to post pictures :)


  1. I will have to check into buying the book iIf you were a Synonym. Looks like a great book. I like the idea of using paint chip samples to teach about synonyms. Great idea.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

  2. Thanks for sharing! It definitely will be on my Checkout List!