Friday, March 22, 2013

Have you heard of Educents??

First off, Mother Nature stop teasing us, please. Decide if you want it to be cold or warm! It has been pretty nice for most of the week, and BAM! It's freezing today! Not loving it at all. Oh the joys of Oklahoma weather :)

I cannot believe spring break is just about over :( Like many of you, I am down to just one short, little weekend. Le sigh. I honestly have not done anything super exciting over break, but it has been oh so nice to just RELAX. I got a much needed massage yesterday, which was probably the highlight of my break. Oh, and I got back on the working out bandwagon :) We will see how long that lasts, HA.

Okay, so on to the point of this post. I just wanted to share a new site with you called Educents! From what I understand, it is kind of like Groupon, but for education! And if you sign up before it launches on April 2, you get a free $10! If you want to sign up, click HERE. I will receive $1 credit for everyone who signs up :) And then you can pass it along so YOU can earn credits, too!! I am excited to see what will be offered come April 2!


  1. I have been following your page for a while now but have never posted. I teach the first grade in Australia and I have purchased and used a few of your resources now and they have all been great for my students - I just have to make them a little easier! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas with the world. Anyway, I decided I should finally post a comment and thank you. FYI I just signed up woth educents and followed your link - enjoy the $1!

    1. You are so sweet!! I appreciate your support! And thanks for the click on edu-cents :)