Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day Promises!

This morning we squeezed in some Earth Day activities! I feel like there is SO much we need to get done these next couple of weeks, that we only did a couple of things for Earth Day!

We first read The Lorax again, even though we read it during Dr. Seuss week! I never get tired of it, and the kids love it! We reviewed cause and effect using this book. Then we read our Earth Day Scholastic News and worked on Amy's cause and effect freebie!

Then we talked about how we can make small changes to take better care of Earth. The kids' responses were so sweet! After a great discussion, they made their Earth Day Promises! This quick little writing piece turned out cute! :)

{teacher example}

To make these Earths, pour some dish soap, water and blue paint in a bowl {do a bowl with green, too}. The kids will use a straw to blow really big bubbles in the blue paint. Take a paper plate and press it on top of the bubbles. Our kids had to do it twice for each color. If you find that it's not showing up just add more paint. Repeat with the green. Let it dry and cut it out. And, voila! You have yourself cute little Earths! Add a heart, and you are set to go :)
ATTENTION: I told you all on one of my previous posts that I would be doing a giveaway for my Summer Lovin' Year End Glyph Craftivity and I promise I will! There has been a glitch with my TpT account that I am trying to get worked out. So if you are planning on purchasing it or possibly my End of the Year Fun {Memory Book & Craftivity}, please wishlist them for now, and I will let you know when everything is good to go :) I will do the giveaway as soon as my account is straightened out! THANK YOU!!

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