Sunday, April 14, 2013

Relay for Life & Inventors!

Our district is doing Relay for Life next weekend, and our school has been working really hard to raise money! Staff members can pay $25 to wear jeans the rest of the year, which raised a ton! Then last week we did fundraisers for the kiddos. We sold suckers for $1, kids could pay $1 to wear hats, etc. Then I found an idea on Pinterest {which I was kind of half kidding about...} and our principal is a great sport.....So on Friday she was duct taped to the wall!!

Kids paid $1 for a piece of duct tape to tape her up! We raised over $400 in just that day! The kids LOVED it!

Okay, so onto inventors! First, be sure to pick up two FREEBIES: My Inventors & Inventions Timeline and Cara's Inventors & Inventions Journal! We used both this past week.

For this little science unit, we did pretty much the same things we did last year. We wanted to have a science catch up week before we went on our field trip to the Science Museum, so we read about Thomas Edison {light}, Alexander Graham Bell {sound}, and the Wright Brothers {force/motion/friction}. The kids really loved learning about the inventors and the different demonstrations we did for each of the science skills. When learning about the telephone, definitely play "telephone!" It is hilarious how your message gets all scrambled up :) And we did it with 44 kids! Oh lord.... HA! We also tied in magnets by doing the same fun investigation as last year!

At the end of the week the kids wrote about their own own inventions, and I wanted to share a few of our favorites with you now :)

Be on the lookout for my newest TpT item, Summer Lovin': Year End Glyph Craftivity! I will do a giveaway soon :)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I had seen the duct tape idea on Pinterest but didn't think it would actually work!!! Hahaha! Thanks for the laugh (and FREEBIES!!!), Lauren!

    Little Miss Primary