Thursday, April 4, 2013


Hi friends! Yesterday was my birthday. 28 years old! I had a great day {minus the yucky pink eye I am pretty sure I have contracted!} Amy and our kiddos threw me a little surprise party {our families seriously spoil us too much!!! Thank you for all the sweet cards, notes, gift cards, sweets and gifts!} The hubs brought me some cookies from One Smart Cookie, and spoiled me with lots of presents :)

Then we went out for dinner and cupcakes with my family. All in all, a great day. After this week, I will have to go on a MAJOR diet!!!!
For the past couple of days, we have been working on area, and we wanted to do a yummy activity for it! I do not have a record sheet for this because Amy said, "Let's just have them practice making shapes with different areas." Little did I know she had planned on using some math time for my birthday surprise :) Anyway, the kids loved it and I think they have really gotten the hang of it!
Here are some of their shapes with an area of 11:

Next week it is all about inventors and other random science skills we need to hit :) And we will take our field trip to the Science Museum! Happy {almost} Friday! 
PS: I posted a new product for a book called The Sandwich That Max Made. We are using it with our RTI kiddos during our novel circles this week. I will give it away to a random commenter! Be sure to leave your email address!


  1. I would love to use this with the book with my 2nd graders during RTI! Thank you! :)


  2. Great idea with the cheese it's. I forgot about using food for area.


  3. Happy Birthday! Mrs.k