Tuesday, May 21, 2013

#teachertalktuesday, memory books and affirmations!

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Today we did one of my favorite year end activities. We gave the kids a blank piece of white construction paper. They drew their face and wrote their name in the middle. We sat in a big circle and passed around each paper so that everyone could write a kind little note on it! This is the first year we have had 44 students, and let me tell you... They did AWESOME! They wrote some of the sweetest affirmations! We have a little boy who looooves firetrucks, and someone wrote "I think you will be a great fireman!" Soooo stinkin' sweet! The kids loved it and it made them {and us!} feel so special!
Yesterday we worked on our memory books, and then we had an autograph session! Lots of fun for the kiddos :) I just love how these books turned out!

Tomorrow is our last day with our 2nd graders! We will have our schoolwide reading carnival, and then it is SUMMER! It will be very bittersweet-we have a great group of kiddos! They have made it an amazing year!!!
P.S. Please continue praying for Oklahoma and all of those affected by the tornadoes.


  1. <<Jealous, I have 10 more days.
    What is a school wide reading carnival? I am looking for something to the last week of school.

    1. Our school sets up tons of games for the kids to visit, we have inflatables outside, cotton candy machine, sno cone machine, etc! The kids get to go around all morning or afternoon and play all the games, win prizes and just have fun! Then for the other session, they watch a movie. It's a fun day for all!

  2. I love this idea with the construction paper and the faces in the middle. I have done this before, but not like this! Thanks for the idea:)

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  3. Did you have your last day yet? I know you are getting close :)

    Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain

    1. It's officially summer for me! :) woohoo, thanks for asking! What about you??