Friday, July 26, 2013

A CHEAP Listen to Reading Idea!

Yesterday I did a little shopping at Mardel, Michael's and Target! All of this for under $20! Woo!

Cute bird name tags, cute notepads, tickets for behavior management, but what I am most excited about is the clear dry erase pockets that I got from Target... FOR A BUCK!
I already have a few that I bought at other stores in the past {for WAY more than $1, I might add!} and I didn't know if I really needed them. But at a buck a piece, why not? And surely I could find SOMETHING new to use them for! Plus, the blue matches my classroom :)
Then it dawned on me that I could use these as an easy way to hold my kiddos accountable at Listen to Reading during the Daily 5 that wouldn't use all my paper counts! 
I whipped up some Reader's Response Sheets that we will be using! After listening to a story, students will fill out a response sheet with a dry erase marker. It is something that Amy or I can check really quickly! AND no wasted paper! Plus, writing with dry erase markers is waaaay cooler :)  I just need to buy some skinny, colorful dry erase markers!
We will need to decide if we want to have all the same response sheets, or to have a few different ones available for the kids to choose from. Either way, I am really excited to add this into our D5 time :) It may even be something that we could use during Read to Someone as well. The sheets can be used for any reading time, really!
You can check out my Reader's Response Sheets by clicking {HERE} or on the picture below!
Happy Friday, sweet friends!


  1. Hi Lauren! What a great idea! Which target did you find those? My Target in Lawton didn't have them but sister lives in Yukon so I can ask her to go searching for them. Thanks so much!

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    2. The Yukon Target didn't have them last night :( I got them at the one in Midwest City right across from Tinker. Hope you can get some!!

  2. Thank you! Have a great school year! Which school do you teach in?