Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It!

I am linking up with Tara again for Monday Made it!
First thing I worked on were clipboards for Amy and myself! I love how they turned out! However, I am a little nervous that the tape I got at Target is not going to hold up all year... We will see!
I have been trying to work on some other glyphs and craftivities for this upcoming year, and what better time to do that than summer, right?! Here are a few I have worked on in the past couple days. Click on the pictures to check them out on TpT :)

The last thing I worked on was bundling ALL my glyphs and craftivities! There are 11 of them {$11 value} and it is in my TpT store for only $8.50!
Since I have posted so many new items, I want to be sure EVERYONE wins!! You must follow my blog and my TpT store. Leave me a comment to let me know which new glyph or craftivity you would like {excluding the bundle}! **Don't forget your email address!!**
This will be good until midnight on Tuesday {7/23}, or until I check my blog next :)
Feel free to pin away or blog about this :)

Updated  7/24: This giveaway has expired. Thanks to all who entered!


  1. Your clipboards are super cute. I would like the apple glyph. Thank you!!!

  2. I would love to have the earth day glyph! These are super cute!

  3. The apple glyph is too cute! And if you are worried about the tape staying on all year I'd put some Modge Podge on it. I think it will help. Oh and I'm now a follower!:)

    KS and her Kids

  4. I love your products, and was already a follower of your blog and TPT store. It's hard to choose a favorite glyph, but I would love the apple glyph. Thanks!

  5. So hard to pick since they're all cute! But I'm gonna go with the Turkey Glyph. Thanks!

  6. I love your clipboards! I think I like the turkey one the best (although they are all cute!)

  7. Love these! I would like the snowman glyph. Thanks so much!

  8. I love it! I would love your Earth Day glyph :) I follow both your blog and your store :)

    Mindful Rambles

  9. I love how your clipboards turned out! I was thinking of covering mine with scrapbook paper, but I like the idea of duct tape instead! :) I'm your newest follower to your store and blog. I would like to have the apple glyph, although ALL of the glyphs are adorable!!


  10. Your glyphs are so cute! It was so hard to choose, but I would love the Thanksgiving glyph. I am a follower and look forward to your future products. (I am not sure if my first comment worked, so I am sending again. I apologize for any confusion)


  11. I agree your glyphs are very cute! I think I would like the apple glyph! I follow you everywhere and am excited to see your new products!


  12. These are all so cute! I would love a copy of the Turkey Glyph!

    Thank you!


  13. I would love your Earth Day glyph:)

  14. Adorable as usual!
    Apple Glyph please!

  15. I would love the turkey glyph! Thanks so much!!