Thursday, September 12, 2013

Read to Someone!

TGI{almost}F! I am exhausted. I seriously think I could go to bed right now and not wake up until my alarm goes off in 12 hours!!

Our kiddos are doing really well with Read to Self and Work on Writing. They have built their stamina quite a bit! But they are ready for some more choices! Yesterday we began Read to Someone. Amy and I did a lot of modeling of what it would look like, sound like, etc. and we made our I-Chart. The kids loved our "EEKK!" story :)

Today we reviewed our I-Chart, and modeled how to choose a partner and how to do I Read, You Read. When choosing a partner, our students must ask, "Will you please be my partner?" And the only answer is, "Yes, thank you!" Amy and I modeled first, then we had some students model. I will be completely honest. After the lesson, I walked away feeling like it did NOT go well, and Amy agreed. But when we let our kids pick partners and get started, we were surprised! I guess they did get it and were listening, because they did Read to Someone for about 10 minutes on their first try! And they were all engaged in reading with their partner! Oh happy day! :) I leave you with a photo of our Read to Someone. Happy almost weekend!

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