Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Sun and Moon... Plus BIG New :) :) :)

Let's get to the BIG news first! I promised I had a really good reason for my lack of blogging...

Mr. Hubs and I are having a baby :) I just turned 15 weeks today, and we are so excited! We will find out if it's a boy or a girl over spring break! We could definitely use any prayers we can get, as we have had a bit of a rocky road in the past.
Okay, so I do have something school related to post! We started our space unit and the kids are having a blast! We learned all about the sun and the moon, made some anchor charts together, and then we had our kiddos do some informational writing about each. And OMG! They rocked their writing!


To make these awesome moons, each child needs a paper plate and a straw. You need to mix a little water, black paint, karo syrup and dish soap in a dish. Have the kids blow BIG bubbles with the straw, and push the plate on it. If you find that the bubbles aren't showing up too well, add some more black paint. You also may need to press the plate on top of the bubbles more than once. Here are photos of the process. {Just don't use a small, square dish, haha}.
And you can't learn all about the moon without doing Oreo Moon Phases!! We just did half of the phases to save our parents from having to buy a gazillion Oreos! Also, we normally have our kids cut and paste labels for the phases, but we ran really short on time that day... Whoops! Live and learn :)
I have no idea why that picture keeps loading sideways... Of course the kids thought this was the best day EVER! We tend to hear that when we do yummy activities :)
This week has been all about the planets! We got some awesome sets of books about the planets from our PTA and Scholastic that we have been reading, along with my All About the Planets {Nonfiction Reader and Journal}. The kids are really enjoying space, and I feel like we could spend FOREVER learning about it! But, we must move on next week :) Happy Hump Day, everyone! We are almost done for the week!!


  1. Congratulations!! August is a great month to be born ;)
    Cute moon and sun ideas!! Love love love!

  2. Congrats to you, how exciting! You all are in my prayers :)

  3. Your space unit gave me lots of ideas for a lesson I will be doing with 2nd graders at a placement school (still in college). I have seen the oreo idea before but like that you cut it down to only half the moon phases! Also I really liked the fun fact sun foldable idea. I just need to find a children's book to tie in the lesson! Thanks for the great ideas!