Friday, June 27, 2014

Five for Friday {with a New Research Craftivity!}

Happy Friday! I am linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday {two weeks in a row, whaaaat?!} Hope you'll join in on the fun and link up, too!

Mr. Hubs is very into the World Cup, and has gotten me into it, too! Although, I am definitely not as die hard as he is about it :) We went to a really fun watch party in downtown OKC! USA! USA! We are a little sad that Italy is out, though!

I am so excited about my newest product! Research is such an important skill for little learners, but sometimes it can be BORING. This camera craftivity will engage your kiddos, for sure! And I just think it is so darn cute :) I have included 38 premade templates for the following topics: planets, animals, biographies, states, and weather. There are also blank templates for you to write your own specific questions, or to let you kiddos choose what they'd like to research. Click HERE or on the first picture to see a more detailed description and to pick up a copy!

My parents just got back from Hawaii. Mr. Hubs, my brother, sister in law, and I were supposed to go on this trip for my mom's 50th birthday, but we went and got pregnant :) And my brother has a 6 week long training for the Air Force that he's teaching. Next time! Anyway, my parents brought me some of my favorite Hawaiian snacks... Which I don't think will last long if my appetite continues on the way it's been the past day or two! I have been STARVING no matter how much I eat!!

We have still been prepping for Mia. I finally got my hospital bag checklist done, now it's time to pack! It blows my mind that she will be here in less than 7 weeks! I really don't know how early one should pack, but I guess better earlier than too late :) Mia's nursery is almost done, so I will be posting pictures as soon as it is complete!

I don't have a number five, so I wish you all a fun weekend! 


  1. My hubby has gotten me into the World Cup too!! I've been surprised by how much I've gotten into it and actually really like watching the games. :) Love your new research craftivity!!! On my wish list :)

    Sun, Sand & Second Grade

  2. LOVE the research in a flash!! Definitely putting it in my wishlist for next year, that's something I wanted to beef up on in my classroom!! So exciting about your little one!! :o) Enjoy the countdown!!
    Munchkins Inc.