Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello, October! Pumpkin Fun + a FREEBIE

You all, I just LOVE fall!! I cannot believe it is October already! Baby girl turned 7 weeks old on Sunday! Boy, how time flies! She will be 2 months on the 10th of this month.... Which means I only have a little over five more weeks home with her :(
I went up to the school last week to bring my team some donuts and let them see/meet Mia! I also got to meet my students really briefly! I am so thankful for Amy and that we are team teaching, and that we have our AMAZING friend, Katy, subbing for me! I have been told we have a pretty awesome group of sweeties, so that will make going back to work a little easier :)
Since I won't be at school to celebrate all things pumpkin, I wanted to just share some pumpkin themed products from my store with you! Click on each picture to check them out!
{This cover needs an facelift... BADLY!!}
{This is a FREEBIE!!}
And just for fun, here are some pumpkin fun photos from the past! Since I currently have a sleeping baby in my arms, it is kind of difficult to type, so you can click HERE to read old blog posts about our pumpkin fun in previous years :) But enjoy these photos!







Happy fall, y'all!!

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