Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowmen, Main Idea & 100th Day!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, friends! If any of you have been getting a lot of snow, please send it my way :) Mama could use a snow day {or two}! I thought I would give you a little update as to some of the things we have been working on in our classroom the past couple of weeks!

We were hoping we could bring on some snow by doing our snow unit. So far, it hasn't worked. We did our cute snowmen glyph craftivities, and also read The Biggest, Best Snowman and worked on retelling the story with our cute snowmen booklets. We also did some other activities that I forgot to document :)

The word "snowman" lends itself well to reviewing compound words, so we did the compound words pages from Nicole Shelby's Language Interactive Notebook! This is seriously one of my favorite TPT resources I have purchased! 

We have been working on main idea and details. To introduce this topic, I brought in a bag filled with baby stuff {baby shampoo, a bottle, baby food, baby wipes}. As a class, the kids had to come up with the big idea, or main idea. They said it was all about taking care of a baby. The next day, we gave each group their own bag, and as a group, they had to decide what the main idea of their bag was. They did an awesome job!

We will continue working on main idea and details using my pack on TPT, but I think this hands on activity helps the kids understand this concept :)

On Friday we celebrated the 100th Day! Here are a few snapshots of activities we did! They come from my 100th Day Fun pack on TPT!

I got these crowns at the Target Dollar Spot a couple years ago. Unfortunately, I have not seen them since and just used the last of the ones I stocked up on!!

Students rolled a dice 100 times and guessed which number they would roll the most!

Students playing Race to 100!

I cannot believe that February is here! If you need some quick, fun activities, check these ones out! Hope your team wins tonight :) :) 

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  1. I love you idea about putting objects into bags to teach main idea! So cute.