Saturday, April 18, 2015

Magnet Investigation FREEBIE!

Well, I survived another 2nd grade field trip! We went to the Oklahoma Science Museum and the kids had a really fun time! To get the kids pumped for the Science Museum, we did our mini-unit on inventors. We focused on Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers. Their inventions helped us tie in some science skills {sound, light, force/motion}. As we learned about each inventor, we recorded our learning in our inventors journal that sweet Cara shared awhile back!

We also did our magnet investigation! It is always a hit. Before we read anything about magnets or even talk about them, we set up about 20 stations around our room. **We team teach and have 49 students! If you have a "normal" sized class, you could use less stations!** The students visited each station to test out different items to see if a magnet would attract them.

At each station, we put two note cards; one with the name of the item, and one that said "magnet." When students were done testing each item, they had to put everything back on the note cards. That way, no one walked off with any items!

Students filled out a record sheet as they visited each station. They wrote the name of the item (Bonus! The note cards ensured that they spelled it correctly!), made a prediction, then recorded the results!

The students had a great time, and were surprised by the results of some items, like the the brass brad and the pipe cleaner! This activity doesn't take a lot of prep on your part! 

Just find any items you have lying around your classroom or at home, make some note cards, and print the record sheet! I have made a record sheet that you can download for free! Click HERE or on the picture below!

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