Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Our Pumpkin Fun!

You all. I don't know how I survived last week! Full moon. Red Ribbon Week. Parent/teacher conferences. And that little thing called Halloween. Oh, and inside recess on the day before Halloween... It was a VERY tiring week! Thank goodness for Starbucks and lots of GoNoodle! 

We managed to fit in some pumpkin fun! We started off with some nonfiction books about pumpkins, including 

We had our kids work on main idea and details, and also illustrating the life cycle of a pumpkin. {Of course I failed to take pictures of their work!! Boo!}

We compared and contrasted apples and pumpkins together, then our kiddos filled out their own venn diagrams

Our kiddos still need some extra practice with adjectives. It seems to be a tough concept for some of them. I saw this idea a few times in Instagram and Pinterest and just knew we had to do it! We gave each table a pumpkin and a sharpie. First, they brainstormed adjectives that described their pumpkin. Then, they took turns writing the adjectives right on the pumpkin! This was a big hit! We still had some friends who wanted to write things like, "They grow on vines," or, "They have a stem," so it is something we need to keep working on. However, I do feel like we had some a-ha moments. And we had a cute little adjective pumpkin patch outside of our room when it was said and done!

We did some pumpkin estimating and investigating! Students worked in groups of three and had to estimate how much their pumpkin weighed, how tall it was, the circumference of it, and how many lines it had. Then they had to find out the answers. They had a lot of fun with this!

Last but not least, we did one of my favorite craftivities! Again, we worked on adjectives and had our kiddos describe the outside of a pumpkin. Then we cut a couple of pumpkins open and had them describe the inside. Then we made our inside/outside craftivities! The kids thought these were the coolest things around :) 

If you have made it this far, take a peek at my little family's Halloween costumes! Mr. Hubs made quite the Richard Simmons!! HA!

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