Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dr. Seuss: Day Two

I am not gonna lie. I did not do as many Dr. Seuss-ish activities today as I would have liked. We've had a lot of catching up to do. And I soooo did not realize until the weekend that spring break is only TWO weeks away, not THREE! It was a pleasant surprise, don't get me wrong! But this made me realize that I have GOT to get my booty in gear!

Today was an EGG-cellent day :) Had I been paying a little more attention, I would have read these books tomorrow, when our cafeteria will be serving green eggs and ham for lunch! Oh well, what can ya do? Anyway... We read these two books today: 

We talked about the things we did not like, picked out rhyming pairs and added to our flip books. Like I said, we didn't do a WHOLE lot this morning. Wah.

In the afternoon, we played a game I like to call "Scrambled Eggs!" This game can easily be modified for any grade level and for many skills. I stocked up on plastic Easter eggs one year when they were on clearance for about $0.15 a bag. Inside each egg I put a slip of paper with a math problem on it (ours happen to have 2-digit addition and subtraction problems, with and without regrouping). I split the kids in two groups (waaay more manageable this way!) and give them a piece of paper to record their work. They bring their clipboards to their group and sit in a circle. I put a couple handfuls of eggs in the middle of the circle and when I say the secret word, "Scramble!" they grab an egg, copy down the problem and solve it. They have about 30 seconds or so for each egg. When I say, "Eggs!" all eggs go back in the middle. We repeated this about 10 or 12 times. They had a lot of fun working on their math skills in this way :)

We will see where the rest of the week brings us :)

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