Tuesday, April 5, 2011


My kids have been SOOO into learning about clouds the past few days! On recess duty I overheard some of them saying, "Look at those Cumulus clouds! It's going to be a nice day!" Love it!

If you are teaching about clouds you must read

It is very informative and leads right into the characteristics of just about every cloud!

We focused on the following clouds: Cumulus, Nimbus, Stratus, and Cirrus. After much reading and discussing, we made a chart together to compare the four types of clouds. Excuse the handwriting and crooked lines! This was definitely a quick, last minute thing :)

I borrowed this adorable idea from The Inspired Apple to illustrate the four clouds:

Aren't those cloud friends just the cutest? What a great visual aid to show where each cloud belongs in the sky! All of my kids now know that Cirrus clouds are the highest and that Stratus clouds are like a low, gray blanket in the sky :)

 Of course my kids were practically begging for their own cloud friends, so they each wrote about the four clouds and made their own mini cloud friends. They turned out so cute!! I am so proud of their writing--many of them needed TWO sheets of paper for their writing, which is a BIG deal for them :)

So, so cute :)


  1. sublime!...
    I'm a student of Bach.in Elem.Educ. and I found this very helpful.
    can I have a copy on the procedure of the activities and the lesson plan? We're having a teaching presentation and with this output it would be really a big help. :)

  2. This is so cute, I have to borrow it :)