Saturday, April 9, 2011

Word Sort Center

I just had to share one of my absolute favorite purchases from the Target bargain bins!

 I purchased 4 of these babies for $2.50 a piece this past summer, and I am praying they will sell them again when it's time for back to school stuff!!! (They sold out fast though!)

Every week my students will visit the word sort center. They each grab a table top chart and a baggie that includes 15-20 words and the patterns we are working on (underlined). Then they sort their words on the chart (as seen above). They usually need to use both sides of the chart. Once they finish sorting the cards, they record it on a very simple template I made on Word.

It takes very little prep on my part-- only 5-10 minutes to write the words/patterns for 3-4 students. (Next year I won't have to prepare them though! Woo!) The kids know exactly what to do in this center, and enjoy it much more than a word sort worksheet!


  1. What kind of template did you create for them to record on?

    1. When I used these on a regular basis, I just gave them a sheet of paper with empty columns, and they had to write the pattern at the top of the column and then sort the words. Hope that makes sense :)