Monday, May 30, 2011


I have been crazy busy packing and unpacking the past two weeks because I am moving classrooms. I am so excited because I will have carpet (no more noisy chairs!) and I will have a window!! And I will no longer have to deal with a room that leaks everytime it rains :) Amy and I will be closet mates and we are so excited! The only downside to this move is that we will not be with the other five ladies on our team.

We are having to move our stuff into one classroom for the time being while we wait for my new classroom to be totally vacant. This is what Amy's room looked like with both of our stuff on Saturday....


I got really overwhelmed, but we made a LOT of progress Sunday (even if I did get a little ADD)! I took today off to lay poolside. Tomorrow after our professional day I hope we can get even more done :)

In other news, Friday was our last day of school with kids. I am going to miss them, but now my classroom will be in the 3rd grade hall so I will get to see my kiddos pretty often! HELLO SUMMER :)

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