Friday, June 10, 2011

SOOOO many books!

I just have to say that I. LOVE. SUMMER. I have been spending a lot of time at my parents' pool, I went to Austin, TX with the hubs and our friends, I have gotten back into a regular exercise routine, I finally saw Bridesmaids (sooo funny!) aaaaand I have taken on the task of organizing my classroom library.

Since I was already packing up to move into my new classroom, and our school is closed in the summer, I decided to pack up ALL of my books, bring them home, and work on some kind of organization system. It has been QUITE a task. Originally, I was just going to level all the books, and put them in baskets based on reading levels. But after researching online and reading lots of blogs about library organization, I decided to categorize my books. However, I did write the reading levels in all the books that I could.

Based on the books I have, I came up with the following categories:
  • Favorite Characters: Clifford, Little Critter, Froggy, Curious George
  • Favorite Characters: Arthur & D.W., Berenstain Bears, Amelia Bedelia, Henry & Mudge
  • Favorite Authors: Tomie dePaola, Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle
  • Dinosaurs (I had a LOT more dino books than I realized!)
  • Cartoon Characters (I seem to have a plethora of Spongebob and other random cartoon books!)
  • School Picture Books
  • The Three F's: Fairytales, Folktales, Fables
  • Animal Fiction: Zoo, Farm and Forest Animals
  • Animal Fiction: Dogs, Cats, Mice, Pigs, Bugs and Fish
  • Animal Nonfiction
  • Misc. Nonfiction
  • Misc. Fiction
  • Biographies, History and the USA
  • Mystery Chapter Books
  • Magic Treehouse Chapter Books
  • Favorite Character Chapter Books: Junie B., Arthur, Horrible Harry, Flat Stanley, American Girl
  • School Chapter Books
  • Chapter Books About Friends
  • Chapter Books About Animals
  • Misc. Chapter Books
Depending on the size of baskets/bins I buy, I may be able to combine some of my categories. I know this is probably not my final list, but I feel like it's a good start. My goal is to have it figured out early on in the summer so the hubs and I can have our office back!!

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