Monday, June 27, 2011

A little of this, a little of that!

So, July will be here in just a couple of days! I cannot believe it.  It has been SO. STINKIN'. HOT. the past few weeks, as in triple digits almost everyday! Therefore, I have been spending lots of time at my parents' pool. I have also been trying to take Lulu to go swimming some because it is just too hot to walk her some mornings.... and I do not do the whole waking up super early in the summer thing very well.... But anyway, Lulu looooves swimming :)

I've also been spending lots of time with friends and family, seeing movies, going shopping... I have gotten back into working out regularly (woo!). I have been cooking a lot more than I do during the school year, and my house has been staying a lot cleaner and more organized, haha.

I have also been working on stuff for school here and there, but I have tried not to get too into school mode quite yet. It is still too early in the summer :) As you know, I finished my BIG task of organizing my class library. It feels soooo good! I brought home our new math series and started making the games that go along with the different lessons.

Annnnd I have begun the school shopping....

I love owls! That is an owl whiteboard eraser and notepad! I am seriously thinking of having an owl theme in my room. We shall see :)

I finally found cute pockets for my kids' library sticks and bucket fillers. I will tell you, I looked everywhere for some cute ones, and luckily (and finally!) I found some today!

I found the cupcakes at Dollar Tree and I plan to cut them apart for some matching games (maybe addition/subtraction, synonyms/antonyms, contractions, etc.) The smiles and hands are for our Magic Triads, and I found the money flash cards in the Target dollar bins. I plan on using them for a money matching game of some sort.

I cannot believe summer is almost half over! Ahh!

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