Monday, January 2, 2012

And the winner is....

Here are three of my winners for the Liebster Award! I am getting very irritated because blogger keeps freezing up on me, so I could only get to three blogs!!! Anyway, check 'em out :)

Stories From Second

Today I went up to school with my friend Amy to get stuff done. We left school pretty much as soon as the bell rang before break... meaning we did not clean up or plan anything :) We got our Snowman Unit planned out today, and I am really excited for all the fun stuff we will do! I have one more little day of freedom, and then back to my kiddos :) I wish everyone a wonderful week back!!


  1. Thanks for award! We started back today but had super, super low attendance, so we will be doing lots of catch up tomorrow! I left my room as is as well, so I had a lot of clean up and take down today as well! Enjoy your last day off!

    StoriesFrom Second

  2. I just realized I did not type the name of your blog correctly!! I will fix it pronto :)