Saturday, January 7, 2012

A post that has nothing to do with teaching.

First week back was really good. The kiddos settled in really well, we started our Snow and Winter unit and we did some great writing activities. I will post about them later next week!

The highlight of my week happened on our first day back. My friend Amy and I found a (very skinny) miniature Australian Shepherd during our plan time that was right near where the car riders were going to be picked up in like 15 minutes! So we took her in and put her in our closet for the last 30 minutes of the day to figure out what to do (and to keep her from getting hit by a car!) We also fed her some string cheese, which she loved. Poor baby had a collar but no tags :( I don't know if anyone knows this, but I have a mini Aussie of my own named Lulu so I fell in love instantly!! Now, Lulu is an "only child" and doesn't always like other dogs... so I was worried about bringing this one home. But Lulu LOVED her!! And they were HI-LARIOUS to watch play! Anyway... long story short, I kinda fell in love with "Lily," as my mom named her :) But in the back of our minds, hubby and I felt guilty about having someone's dog without at least trying to contact the owner. So I took her to the vet, no chip. Vet said she was a little too skinny, and her coat was not the best. We (or I) really struggled with what to do.

We were able to track down the owner (because some people at school ended up knowing the area she came from)... and they wanted her back. I guess I thought (or hoped) they would let us keep her because we would provide a really good home for her. I feel bad that this sweet baby may be going back to a home where she is left outside all the time and not fed enough. And hubby said they didn't seem all that excited about her when he dropped her off (and that she wasn't wagging her tail or excited like she was with us). So I am a little sad about this, and I just pray pray pray that she is taken care of. Sometimes doing the right thing sucks!


  1. Virtual hugs sent your way! That must have been so hard. Maybe they might end up calling you and bring her back to you and your husband, this once happened to my mom and dad when they found a stray and then found the owner.
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  2. Oh :( I can't even imagine! I've got a super soft spot in my heart for animals, especially strays! My hubby and I adopted two kittens from the shelter in the past year and I know we'd take in more if we could!

    Hoping that Lily is in a safe and happy home!!
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  3. That is so sad. Maybe they'll change their minds. Keep in touch with them and then you can also keep an eye on her.

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