Saturday, February 25, 2012


This week our 2nd graders had to take the CoGAT test to find out who will qualify for our gifted program next year. I wanted them to have a fun, stress-free week of learning! So I decided to whip out my penguin unit! This is always a favorite unit for the kids (and for me)! They learn SO MUCH and are so enthusiastic.

I did all of the same activities I posted about last year. You can read about them HERE.
Here are just a few of my favorite non-fiction books that I read to the kiddos. These books helped with their fact and opinion writing, as well as their Penguin Fact Books they made at the end of the week.

One actvity Amy and I did add was penguin measurement. We got ALL 47 of our kiddos together and split them into groups of three. Each group was assigned a penguin to make (we made all 17 species)! We gave them the penguin's height, and they had to work with their group to measure and make the penguin! They were SO CUTE! And the kids really worked well together!

And the most popular penguin of all, the Emperor :)

Then in the afternoon, we taped the penguins around our classrooms, and the kids got to visit each penguin to measure it in inches and centimeters. They did AWESOME! They were all so engaged the entire time!

They recorded their data on this record sheet.

When we were all finished, we put all the penguins in order according to their heights.

We will definitely be doing this again next year! I am soooo excited for Dr. Seuss week next week! What are you all doing??

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