Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Oh my goodness. I consumed so much sugar yesterday. Maybe Definitely more than my kiddos.

This week is Random Acts of Kindess Week at school, so we are really trying to catch others being kind. My kiddos made these cute little guys, and had to come up with ways to show kindess. I preprinted the words "HEART," "LOVING," and "KINDNESS" for this acrostic, and "randomly" handed them out :) They were so sweet!

We had a great Valentine's Day at school! This year our school decided not to have an "official" Valentine's Day party (our district said one winter party and one spring party, and our spring party will be right after state testing), but it was still a FUN, CANDY FILLED day!

We did Cara's Candy Heart Probabilty in small groups. The kids LOVED this!

Then we moved on to our Candy Heart Fun packet that I made.... I am not quite sure how to upload it to share (I have GOT to figure this out!) But here are some of the activities it included...

They had to tally and graph their candy hearts. They also had some math problems to solve about their graph (How many pink and purple in all? How many white and green in all? etc.)

Then they had to draw their candy hearts, and write the fractions that represented each color.

Once they finished all the math activties, they got to taste their candy hearts! They had to write 10 adjectives to describe them. They LOVED this little packet, and we reviewed so many skills!

Next, we made our Valentine sacks (yet another idea from Cara!) They turned out stinkin' cute! And the kids thought they were the coolest Valentine's bags they had ever made! :) LOVE THEM!

In the afternoon we handed out Valentines, snacked on lots and lots of sugar and played Valentine's Bingo! I handed these out to my kids.

After a fun, exhausting day, the office buzzed me to pick these up...

Love my hubby :) He also got me a much needed massage that I cannot wait to use!!

 By the way, my hubby's birthday is on Valentine's Day. I always feel so bad that he gets ME stuff on HIS birthday, but he does it anyway :) We celebrated his birthday/Valentine's Day over the weekend by going to our favorite steakhouse, and also going out with friends. And then on his actual birthday (V-day), we went to the Thunder game. Our boys won, THUNDER UP!

Next week we will start our penguin unit, then it'll be on to Dr. Seuss! I cannot believe this little blog has been up and running for about a year! The time has gone by so fast!!

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