Friday, April 13, 2012

Inventors & Magnets

Well, I survived the field trip to our Science Museum! My parent sponsors were fabulous, and the kids had an AWESOME time!! This past week was spent learning about inventors while tying in some science skills (sound, light, force/motion, and magnets). It turned out to be a fun week!!

I got many of my ideas from Cara! Also, if you haven't picked up her Inventors FREEBIE yet, you need to! We focused mainly on Thomas Edison (so we could tie in light), Alexander Graham Bell (to tie in sound), and the Wright Bros. (so we could tie in force and motion). Each day they added to the inventor journal that Cara made.

Then at the end of the week, the kids got to make their own inventions. They had some cute ideas :)

Amy and I also got our classes together to do a magnet investigation, and it went GREAT! We set up about 20 different stations. Each station had an item and a magnet. The kids had to write the item, make a prediction as to whether or not the item would be attracted to the magnet. Then they had to write the results. Even with 46 kids in one room it went smoothly!! Then we had a great discussion afterwards, along with some demos by Amy and I. Such a fun day!

I am SO glad we did this mini-unit before our field trip because the kids were able to apply what they learned and were twice as excited!!

I need to get off here now, we are having some stormy weather :) Have a great weekend!!

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