Monday, June 11, 2012

Clip Chart!

Two posts in one day??! Pretty sure this NEVER happenes to me! But I have been working all afternoon on some new things for my classroom and wanted to share the ones that are finished!

 This year I will be team teaching with my good friend Amy (SO. EXCITED!) We have decided that with 40some kiddos, that a Clip Chart would be the easiest way for us to manage our students' behavior.

The clip chart I made is generic, therefore it can be used with any classroom theme! I also chose to make red at the top of the chart. There are 3 versions of the chart (colored, partially colored, and black & white). There are also 2 copies of a parent letter (colored and black & white).

 Check it out by clicking HERE!

**I have also made a log that is specific to my students' OWL folders. If you would like a copy, please leave your email address, and I would be glad to share it**

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