Monday, June 18, 2012

Catchin' Up & Sight Words

I hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day! We went to lunch with Mr. Hubby's family yesterday, and will be celebrating this evening with my family!

{Me and my dad at my brother's wedding two years ago}

I really don't have anything earth shattering to post! I have been taking it pretty easy these past couple of weeks {and have been loving EVERY minute of it}! Swimming, THUNDERING UP {although my boys are making me a little nervous!}, grilling out, spending time with family and friends, shopping, reading, working out... nothing too crazy!!

I have been spending some time working on things for next year, and as I was reflecting, I do not feel I spent enough time reviewing sight words and/or introducing higher level sight words. There is not a huge emphasis on it in my district past 1st grade, but I want to incorporate it more into my word work. So I made a flash card packet of the 220 Dolch Sight Words and 95 Dolch Nouns. The words are color coded based on level so your kiddos can practice the words they need to during word work, or in small groups, or whatever! You can pick it up HERE or by click the picture below.

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