Friday, July 20, 2012

Need ideas because... I'M GETTING A SMARTBOARD!!!!

You guys, I am SO giddy and excited right now... Like, THIS excited....

...because I just got a call from my principal and she said our district is putting 7 Smartboards in each school.....AND I GOT CHOSEN FOR ONE!!! She said there are some "strings" attached, but they are seriously nothing at all!!! People receiving Smartboards must:

A) Currently use technology in the classroom
B) Continue to use technology in the classroom
C) Use the Smartboard on a daily basis
D) Make lessons and be willing to share them
E) Let other classes come in to use it {when we are in computer lab, etc}


So, friends, I am in need of some help! Do any of you know of some awesome calendar resources? I would LOVE to do our calendar on the Smartboard!! Have you made your own? Is there a program you use?

I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!! Thanks in advance for any help!! :)


  1. Smart Boards are so much fun! I always use it with teaching time, money, and using any of the base 10 blocks. You can find all of those pictures on the available Clip Art for the smart board and you can easily delete coins, add coins, etc. With the base 10 blocks, it's really fun to allow kids to show "26" in base 10 in front of everybody. The kids LOVE touching that Smart Board. Also, as one of my centers, I usually put up some interactive skill game, and have the kids do it (with the understanding that they can only lightly touch it, that only one person at a time can, and that any arguments will result in them sitting down.) It's also a nice alternative to indoor recess activities.

    p.s. I keep a sign that says "Not a white board, do NOT use markers," just in case a substitute who is not familiar with the smart board is in your room. :-)

    1. Thank you for the ideas!!! Glad to know that it comes with a lot of clip art!! And I have already made myself a sign!!

  2. Hahaha- I haven't seen that meme, and it cracked me up.

    Congrats!! :) The SmartBoard comes with a program called Notebook, which is pretty great. You can find free Notebook files at the SmartExchange website. Check this out for calendar- they may have others, too!

    The Notebook software also has a section with some pre-made pages that you can change to your content called the Lesson Activity Toolkit. It's very easy to use!

    I also think the NCTM Illuminations site and the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives are GREAT for math on the SmartBoard, so check them out! :) I love to use the cow game on Illuminations to learn regrouping :)

    One more tip no one thought to tell me- press down both buttons at the same time to calibrate the SmartBoard. If you ever are finding that it's not clicking in the spot where you are touching, do that!

    I also find that Flash games that use a mouse work great on the SmartBoard. CoolMath4Kids has some great "Feed Fribbit" math fluency games that the kids love!

    Have fun- it can be a really neat tool if you learn to use it as more than just a whiteboard but to really be interactive! :) If you teach Treasures, let me know- I can share some great resources!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. LOVE that website! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. YAY for you!!! I have some in Smart notebook that I would be happy to send you

    1. I'd love to see it! :) My email is!