Thursday, July 19, 2012

20% off at Mardel Today!! PLUS a Word Work FREEBIE from yours truly!

Howdy, friends! I see I have gotten past the 50 follower mark!!! Woo :) I feel like I have neglected this blog for the past week or two! I just really haven't had anything to post because in all honesty, I haven't done a whole lot that is school related {or anything worth posting about!}! Stay with me, and I promise a Word Work FREEBIE :)

Today is Mardel's 20% off education sale!! A few ladies from my 2nd grade team and I went this morning. BUT I just found out that the discount applies to online purchases too! Ends today, so get on that!!!

Aren't you just LOVING these owls?? I started working an owl theme into my classroom last year, and I already had the small cutouts, so OF COURSE I needed the large ones, too!!

Velcro was a buck a pack!! Amy and I stocked up like crazy! {I will show you later how we plan to use all this velcro on our OWL folders}.

Our school theme is "Learning is a Treasure" this year, so I got these cutouts. I plan to have my kiddos make some cute little pirates, too. I do not go all out on school themes. I basically get something to decorate the hallway near my door. I keep my same color scheme/owl theme in my classroom. I just can't justify spending all that moolah to change the theme inside my classroom every year :)

I saw this idea on Pinterest and HAD to do it! {I couldn't find the exact same ones, but these are the same idea, and I think I like them better!} One of the jobs for our kiddos will be to erase the boards at the end of the day, and these were a buck each at the Dollar Tree!! I think the kids will LOVE them :) Plus the green one will help them reach those hard to reach areas!!

Amy has the other stuff we bought, like two digital timers {2 for $5!!! Normall $10 each!}, a giant calculator {so we can teach them how to use one with our not-so-favorite math series}, and other random stuff. Mardel's Education sale is one of my favorite days of summer :)

OKAY so on to the FREEBIE!

I have uploaded 3 different Word Work Tic-Tac-Toe Menus to my TpT Store. My students will have to choose 3 of these "Must Do" activities each week to turn in. Once they have finished them, they may choose "Can Do" activities {such as magnetic letters, play-doh,, letter tiles, pipe cleaners, dry erase boards, etc.} I needed something that would hold them accountable for their word work, because you always have those few who don't REALLY work on their words :) Hope you are able to use it in your classroom! Be sure to follow my store if you download a copy :)

I will be MIA for the next week or two, as my vacation starts very soon!! Hope everyone has an awesome week!

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  1. Thanks for the freebie and the reminder I need to pick up those mitts from the Dollar Tree!
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