Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Target, Take Home Folders, and a FREEBIE!

Today I met up with Mr. Hubby for lunch and then went to the Super Target on the north side of town and they had more teacher stuff than my Target did! I was excited! I didn't get a TON yet, because I need to figure out what all I *really* need {trying to be budget friendly!} But here are a few things I snagged...

These lanterns were on clearance! I am going to hang them above my teacher table along with some green and blue tissue paper pom-poms that I will be making:

I also picked up some Dr. Seuss stuff. Name tags {25 per pack} and some Lorax border and cut outs! I can't wait to use it during our Dr. Seuss week, especially when we write our letters to the Once-ler!!

Lastly, I picked up some vinyl folders for $0.50 each! {on sale this week}

This is what I use for my take home folders. I have used them for the past two years and boy am I glad I made the switch!! They are not as bulky as binders and I have found that they hold up a lot better! Plus, they are cheaper for parents to buy {we put them on our supply list, but I always get some extras for those who need them}.

Our take home folder is the O.W.L. Folder {Organized & Wise Learners}. It includes:

  • Front Pocket: Mailbox {to take home notes and graded work}
  • Back Pocket: Homework {students fill out the homework log on nights they have paper assignments}
  • Important Info Page {includes my email, school #, start time, dismissal, lunch time, etc}
  • Reading Homework Log
  • Parent-Teacher Communication Log
  • Math Homework Helper
  • Sight words
  • Our Schools Expectations
Now, speaking of take home folders, I just posted 3 different ones on TpT. You get an OWL folder, BEE folder, and FROG folder cover pages & rules... all three for only $1!!! Click HERE to pick up your copy:)
Here is a FREE preview of what the format of each folder looks like. Click on the picture below to get your STAR Folder! ENJOY :)


  1. I am having trouble finding your star folder and would really like a copy... Help! dawnbodtke@yahoo.com

    1. I have sent you an email with a copy :)

  2. Can you please send me an email of your star folder.... ty! marica.milliner@rpsb.us