Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Math Freebie! {YUM!}

Hey friends! This week has been forever LONG! TG {it's almost} F!!! Despite this feeling like the never ending week, we have had a great time learning all about spiders. And believe it or not, I am actually having fun with it! The kids are really interested in learning about them which makes it all the better :) I have not taken any photos because I have just been draggggging for some reason. But you can see some of the stuff we have been doing in my last post.

Amy and I were working on our plans for next week, and we will be focusing on bats for a couple of days and then random Halloween fun! On Halloween, we are going to make a Halloween snack mix for our kiddos.I found the idea on Pinterest and decided we HAD to make a math activity out of it!

The kids will sort, tally and graph their data, determine even and odd numbers, write and solve addition number sentences, and work with place value. You can pick up your copy HERE or by clicking on the image below!
If you download it I just ask that you leave a comment or rate it on my store :) Thank you! Have a great weekend!


  1. I LOVE this! I was going to make Witches Brew this year, but it gets kid of expensive with all of the ingredients, this looks MUCH cheaper! :)

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    1. The cheaper, the better!!! :) Hope your kids have fun with it!