Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spider Unit Plans {THANKS, Amy & Cara!} plus a FREEBIE

I. HATE. SPIDERS. They are gross and scary! EW. I hate even talking about them. That being said, I have never done a spider unit... But this year I am sucking it up for my kids. {Plus I have found a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest and in Blog-Land!} I even researched and made a spider fact book {which involved me looking at LOTS of nasty, close up pictures... EW}.

So here are some of the things I am doing... Many of the ideas are not my own, so please click on the pictures to go to the original blog! I want to give credit where credit is due :)

We are going to label spiders using Cara's labeling page.
We will also tally, graph and interpret data using my "Are You Afraid of Spiders?" graph. I modified mine a bit, but the idea is all Cara's!
Here is a copy of my graphing page {I needed a bigger bar graph for 45 kiddos!!} Click on the pic for your free copy. {If you snag a copy I just ask that you please follow my blog}
We will also work on repeated addition using spider legs! Kids will roll a dice, draw that many spiders {8 legs and all!} and figure out how many legs there are in all! That and the graphing activity come together. But you can also click the picture below :)
Have you checked out all the cute spider stuff Amy Lemons has been posting? Oh my word!! Can you say adorable?! She has saved me :)
We will be doing her Fact and Opinion Activities.
We will also be doing her adorable poem/craftivity {click picture for her awesome freebies!}
Oh, and we will be making a chart similar to this:
At the end of the week, we will do some spider fact writing :)
Huge thanks to Amy and Cara for all of their amazing ideas!! :) Our students are very excited for a spider unit, and you've helped me tremendously!!

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