Thursday, December 13, 2012

Giveaway Winners & Elf for Hire Persuasive Writing Craftivity!

Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway! :) My favorite Christmas song is actually "Baby It's Cold Outside!" So I will be sending my Penguin Pack to everyone who guessed :) Congrats Wendy, Amy, and Kristen!
You all, I am so impressed with how my kids did with their Elf Applications and Elf for Hire persuasive writing! First we talked about an elf's job, and what you'd have to be good at, etc. Then the kids did their fun little applications that I made {idea inspired by many bloggers and pinners!} :)

Our elves, Jingle and Jangle, even brought the applications up to the North Pole for Santa to check! If they got a special sticker on their application then they were approved!! {Everyone was approved, of course!}
Then we discussed persuasive writing.. First we asked the kids why we should give them a Christmas party. They had to give us reasons why they deserved it, what they'd do to make it a successful party, etc. This was all done verbally, and they really got it! Then they worked on their rough draft of their Elf for Hire! We have found that these graphic organizers REALLY help our kids with their writing. It helps them organize their ideas, and also to remember their capitals and end marks :)
We edited and revised, and the next day they did their final drafts, along with a cute craftivity!
{I sooooo wish you could see their CUTE little faces!! I printed 5x7 pictures of each kiddo for this}

{Page 1 of about 3 from this little elf!!!}
{And this is one of our ELL students! She does not speak much at all, but she still got it!! And she did 2 or 3 pages of writing!! We were so proud of her!}
This is definitely a writing craftivity we will do every year with our kiddos!!

6 more school days 'til break!!!


  1. Those are soo adorable. I love anything elf related right now. ;)