Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sun, Moon and Stars

First off, congrats to Steph for winning my Amber Brown is Not a Crayon Novel Study! Hope you enjoy it! :)
We started our space unit this past week and it is definitely a high interest unit! The kids are learning so much!! We had to squeeze it into a week and a half this year {last year we had almost 3 weeks!!} But we are making sure the kids are having the same fun and learning just as much as last year!
We started our unit by learning how we get night and day and the seasons. We read in our science books and did some demos of how the Earth rotates and then also orbits around the Sun. We also had Bill Nye demonstrate :) Then we made these cool little things to show how the Earth orbits around the Sun.
We then moved onto the Sun. We read several books about the Sun and showed lots of cool pictures! We made an anchor chart together to record some of our learning. {this is from last year-forgot to photograph this year's!}  They learned soooo many facts!
Then the kids made their own Sun Facts craftivity! They each got 6 rays and the wrote a fact on each ray.

Since the Sun is a star, we moved onto stars and constellations. Again, we did a lot of reading and we got to show some really cool stars, nebulas and contellations on the smart board! Then we had the kids make themselves as a constellation and write 4 facts they learned.

Next, we had Moon Day! This was a big hit :) We read lots about the moon {and Bill Nye helped us again... HA}. Then we made an anchor chart to record some of our learning {again, this is last year's photo}.
Then we had the kids make these really cool moons! You can see how to make these moons {HERE}. And they had to write at least 4 facts to go with their illustration!

And our most anticipated activity was our Oreo Moon Phases! We have amazing parents who sent all the supplies we needed to make this happen! We used icing {err, "moon glue"} instead to attach everything {even the strips of paper!} So there was no cutting or gluing involved! It sure helped to have our document cam that day :)

The icing was also good because they could eat their projects after the got home and taught a family member :)

This coming week we are going to learn all about the planets. We will read lots of nonfiction books and use my All About the Planets pack! We will also throw in some Valentine's fun all day Thursday! Then Friday is a professional day! Hope everyone has a great Sunday and a great school week :)

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