Thursday, May 16, 2013

Five For Friday! {a day early}

I always see everyone doing Five for Friday and thought I would fiiiinally join in on the fun! I am doing it a day early though, hope that's allowed! :)
1. It rocks to have a student in your class whose family owns a donut shop! We had a donut party yesterday and today! And he has brought us many donuts this semester. THANK YOU!
2. Because of said donuts all semester {and other candy and chocolate and sweets....} I started the 30 Day Shred about a month ago. And I actually like it! Maybe because I am seeing results? In fact, after this post I am going to work out!
3. Our Final Countdown has been so fun! And it is helping our sanity! Yesterday we did a Candy Ball game. Basically, wrap lots of fun size candy in saran wrap. Put a regular size candy bar in the middle. Give your kids oven mitts and let them have at it! This activity took a LOT longer than anticipated, but was still fun and HILARIOUS.

4. Today's countdown was a Luau party! We went outside and did sidewalk chalk, hula hooped, played limbo and danced! It was lots of fun for our kiddos! Loved seeing this :) {M.L. is Mrs. Lynes and M.B. is Mrs. Barreras}

5. Alyssha over at Teaching and Tapas posted a great freebie yesterday that we had our kiddos do today! And ohmiword they about made us cry! I know, I know! Ten photos? YES. It was hard to wean it down from 44 to 10 to share with you all :) We are going to hang these in the hall before Open House next year for our future 2nd graders and their families to read! Our kids sure know how to make us feel special! I am sooooo going to miss this group! I adore them!

Tomorrow we are having our own classroom awards ceremony in the morning, and then our 2nd grade academic awards assembly in the afternoon! You can pick up your copy of awards HERE!

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