Sunday, May 19, 2013

Red Carpet Awards!

We have been celebrating summer birthdays this past week or so. And it has been delicious. Here is what was brought in on Friday alone....

And yes, I sampled all of those treats... And maybe I went in for seconds.... and thirds.... I keep forgetting that I have a swimming suit to fit into here in a couple of days!!! :)
On Friday it was awards day! We had our academic awards assembly that afternoon with our whole grade level. So that morning we rolled out the red carpet and did our classroom awards ceremony! The kids LOVED this and I think they all felt really special!

We used the awards from my Hip, Hip, Hooray! Year End Awards! pack. There are 30 different awards to choose from! If there are any awards that you don't see that you would like included, let me know and I would be glad to add more! My brain was fried after 30 :)
Amy and I have just 3 days left with our sweeties. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone!! Our first year of team-teaching has been amazing! And a big part has to do with this group of kids. They are awesome, and I know we will both miss them tons!!


  1. Is that your parent who owns a donut store?!!?
    I'm going to do the red carpet too! Did you just use butcher paper as the carpet?
    Your awards are adorable. I've been looking for some :) Simply, easy, & cute!

    1. This is another student who brought donuts, actually!

      Yes, we used a long piece of butcher paper for this! I tried taping it down but that didn't really do much. Surprisingly, the paper held up, even after 44 kiddos walking the red carpet :)

  2. What a clever idea for your classroom awards! May have to borrow this for next year. ;-)

    A fellow Okie and your newest follower,