Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday Made It with a FREEBIE :)

I am linking up with Tara one last time this summer for Monday Made It! I am posting a day early because with the way things have been going the past week, I probably won't get around to it tomorrow! You should link up, too!! I love to see what everyone is making :)

Our school theme this year is "Teaming Up for Success!" I am so excited because it's the perfect excuse to Thunder Up all year long :) {Gotta represent our Oklahoma City Thunder!} I made this banner for outside our rooms. We are going to write our kiddos' names on little basketballs and hang them up on the walls around this banner. I just love the way it turned out!


I made tags for our drawers and my sweet got them all ready for us! They match perfectly with my green and blue decor :) Pick up a free copy {HERE} or by clicking on the pictures below!


Each student will have his/her own drawer. We will put different activities, flash cards, practice sheets, games, etc. in their drawers, based on their needs. So if little Sally needs to work on her subtraction facts, we may put a subtraction wrap up in her drawer. If little Johnny needs some enrichment, we may give him some multiplication Hot Dots cards. Kids will also keep any unfinished work in there {we have tables, not individual desks}.We are so excited to use this system! It will be an easy way to differentiate and make sure our kiddos are working on things they need to! {See original idea HERE}

I made these two posters the other day! I've seen so many teachers and bloggers with their own versions, so I needed some, too! :) I think they will be great reminders while our kiddos are reading.

And you all, don't worry-I have NOT forgotten about my 200 TpT follower giveaway :) Things have been pretty crazy busy lately. I WILL do it soon!


  1. Love your door...any reason to celebrate sports in my mind is great!

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  2. Glad you liked the poster! Here's the link to the original "Reading is Thinking" poster: